Fran Hundley



Today I celebrate my birthday with the greatest gift of all: a new left hip! I could have gone anywhere in the country but my head and heart chose Dr. Manny Porth who once before gave me a full recovery from a very challenging surgery.

I am at a loss for words for the love, gratitude and appreciation that I have for this extremely talented and experienced, one of a kind unique individual. I have also been blessed by family and friends who have surrounded me 24 hours a day. Being as independent as I am truly has been redefined during this difficult and challenging time. I am extremely positive and determined to be back stronger than ever from this challenging experience. So when I blow out my birthday candles today not only will I reflect on the blessings that have already been granted, but I will ask for wishes for a continued speedy recovery and a wonderful year ahead. I am so grateful and truly blessed!