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About Community Orthopedics

Providing excellence to individuals in need of orthopedic surgery

The Community Orthopedics & Center for Joint Replacement is dedicated to helping individuals with musculoskeletal disease and injuries. Our orthopedic surgeon offers compassion, experience and professional care for each patient. Dr. Manuel Porth is board certified in orthopedic surgery and specializes in total hip replacement, total knee replacement, total shoulder replacement and fracture care.

Our highly-qualified staff ensures all patients are provided with accurate information regarding the orthopedic treatment plan recommended by Dr. Porth including the type of surgery, preoperative and postoperative requirements, expectations and outcomes. Our specialists also provide physical therapy to help patients rehabilitate after their surgery is complete. This is important to help the recovery process and reduce pain.

We are committed to making our office the premiere orthopedic center of excellence in Tamarac, Fla. Our patients will find an environment that fosters support and safety. Each patient has their own unique needs, and we are devoted to delivering the best care possible.